Special Issue: Changing the Debate on Europe – The Inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium

Special Issue: Changing the Debate on Europe – The Inaugural Dahrendorf Symposiu

This special issue of Global Policy, guest edited by Helmut K. Anheier and Damian Chalmers, brings together leading experts to unpick the prospects of ‘Changing the Debate on Europe’. Produced from the discussions at the inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium, the issue examines the processes that have led to the European Union becoming a space for technical cooperation rather than vigorous political contestation, the resilience of the characterisation of Europe as a utopia and Europe’s need to build a common and democratic social space. All the articles are free to access.


Lord Ralf Dahrendorf (1929–2009)

Damian Chalmers - Introduction: A Moment for European Sturm und Drang?

Helmut K. Anheier and Gesa-Stefanie Brincker - Setting the Stage: Lord Ralf Dahrendorf and the European Project

Internal Views: Europe as Polity and Economy, Europe and its Society

Mark Hallerberg and Joachim Wehner - The Educational Competence of Economic Policymakers in the EU

Waltraud Schelkle and Anke Hassel - The Policy Consensus Ruling European Political Economy: The Political Attractions of Discredited Economics

Daniela Schwarzer - The Euro Area Crises, Shifting Power Relations and Institutional Change in the European Union

Loukas Tsoukalis - The Political Economy of the Crisis: The End of an Era?

Sylvie Goulard - Contribution: The Financial and Euro Crisis

Helmut K Anheier and Mariella Falkenhain - Europe’s Stratified Social Space: Diagnosis and Remedies

Views from Germany and the United Kingdom

Norbert Röttgen - ‘Changing the Debate on Europe’: Towards a European Political Imperative

Wolfgang Ischinger - Contribution: Changing the Debate on Europe

Rt Hon Jim Murphy - Contribution: Changing the Debate on Europe

External Views: A Global Europe?

Michael Cox - Too Big To Fail?: The Transatlantic Relationship from Bush to Obama

Mary Kaldor - The EU as a New Form of Political Authority: The Example of the Common Security and Defence Policy

Thomas Risse - Identity Matters: Exploring the Ambivalence of EU Foreign Policy

Arne Westad – China and Europe: Opportunities or Dangers?

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