Special Issue: Changing the European Debate: Focus on Climate Change

Special Issue: Changing the European Debate: Focus on Climate Change

The ability of the EU to adapt to climate change will significantly affect its international relevance in the years to come. Consequently this special issue of Global Policy, guest edited by Helmut K. Anheier, Marie Julie Chenard and O. Arne Westad, contains contributions by academics and practitioners that analyse this ability from the perspectives of philosophy, history, sociology, economy, law and political science. It thereby seeks to forward the process of critical exchange and scrutiny between researchers and policy makers to develop effective and sustainable solutions as to climate change.


Helmut K. Anheier, Marie Julie Chenard and O. Arne Westad - Executive Summary: Changing the European Debate–Focus on Climate Change

Günther H. Oettinger - Secure our Future: Towards a European Energy Strategy

Felix Creutzig, Marcus Hedahl, James Rydge and Kacper Szulecki - Challenging the European Climate Debate: Can Universal Climate Justice and Economics be Reconciled with Particularistic Politics?

Climate Change and Economics

Ottmar Edenhofer, Jan Christoph Steckel and Michael Jakob - Does Environmental Sustainability Contradict Prosperity?

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker - Overcoming the Mikado Situation

Andrzej Ancygier and Anna Serzysko - Possible ‘Contributions’ of European Energy Intensive Industries to the Global Climate Agreement

Climate Change and Governance

Norbert Röttgen - Governing Climate Change: A Case for Europe

Kacper Szulecki and Kirsten Westphal - The Cardinal Sins of European Energy Policy: Nongovernance in an Uncertain Global Landscape

Cem Özdemir - The Need for Momentum in Europe's Climate Change Policies: Experiences from Germany's Energiewende

Markus Steigenberger and Lars Grotewold - Why Germany's Energiewende Reminds Us of the Virtues of Cooperation

Europe and the World

Alexander Ruser and Helmut K. Anheier - The EU's Future Role on the Global Stage

Stéphanie Novak - Single Representative, Single Voice: Magical Thinking and the Representation of the EU on the World Stage

David Cadier - Eastern Partnership vs Eurasian Union? The EU–Russia Competition in the Shared Neighbourhood and the Ukraine Crisis

Marie Julie Chenard and O. Arne Westad - The EU's Engagement with Asia

Lord William Wallace of Saltaire - Europe's Role in Global Governance: Changing the European Debate

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