Special Issue - Contemporary Issues in Banking

Special Issue - Contemporary Issues in Banking

The financial crisis revealed limitations and deficiencies in the corporate governance of financial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Policy responses have introduced regulations focused on: greater oversight of risk‐taking; tougher capital and liquidity requirements; greater transparency on the remuneration packages paid to directors and senior management; and new rules on the composition of such packages. Banks have also been forced to boost capital, hold more liquidity and to implement improved risk, pay and operational oversight. Many have consequently taken greater interest in promoting good practices, strengthening corporate governance, fostering transparency and increasing sensitivity to environmental and socioeconomic issues. This special issue of Global Policy contributes to ongoing debates by analysing these and newer movements within the global banking industry.

Special Issue Articles

Banca March: The Fundamentals of a Bank Linked to Its Customers and Committed to Society - Rita Rodríguez Arrojo

Introduction to the Special Issue: ‘Contemporary Issues in Banking’ - Myriam García‐Olalla and Camilo José Vázquez-Ordás

The Effect of Banks' IT Investments on the Digitalization of their Customers - Santiago Carbó‐Valverde, Pedro J. Cuadros‐Solas, Francisco Rodríguez‐Fernández and EY

The Impact of Corporate Sustainability and Digitalization on International Banks’ Performance - Francisco Javier Forcadell, Elisa Aracil and Fernando Úbeda

The Role of Capital and Liquidity in Bank Lending: Are Banks Safer? - Salvatore Polizzi, Enzo Scannella and Nuria Suárez

Does the Single Supervisory Mechanism Reduce Overall Risk in the European Stock Market? - Pilar Abad, Myriam García‐Olalla and M. Dolores Robles

How Corporate Governance Mechanisms of Banks Have Changed After the 2007–08 Financial Crisis - José L. Fernández Sánchez, María D. Odriozola Zamanillo and Manuel Luna

A Behavioral Perspective on Saving Decisions. Empirical Evidence for Policymakers in the European Union - Judith Clifton, Daniel Díaz‐Fuentes and Gonzalo Llamosas García

Misconduct and Risk Climate in Banking: Development of a Multidimensional Measurement Scale - Beatriz Fernández Muñiz, José Manuel Montes Peón and Camilo José Vázquez Ordás

The European Financial Crisis and Firms' Cash Holding Policy: An Analysis of the Precautionary Motive - Maria Belén Lozano and Serhat Yaman

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