Special Issue - Cultural Policy and Protectionism

Special Issue - Cultural Policy and Protectionism

This free to access special issue explores the impact of protectionism and liberalism on the cultural industries from national and international perspectives. It reveals how businesses, governments, markets, and societies have responded to recent changes in the balance between globalization and liberalism, and anti‐globalism and protectionism. Its authors highlight how they have altered the way cultural contents are produced, delivered, and consumed, and they propose effective policy responses.

Special Issue Articles

Cultural Industries in the Era of Protectionism - Patrick Messerlin, Hwy‐Chang Moon and Jimmyn Parc

Inbound and Outbound Globalizations in the International Film Industry - Shin Dong Kim and Jimmyn Parc

Trade Negotiations in the Digital Era: The Case of OTT Video Streaming Services - Dongchul Kwak and Minjung Kim

Taking Cultural Goods Seriously: Geographical Indications and the Renegotiation Strategies for the Korea‐EU FTA - SunHee Park

Overcoming the Incoherent ‘Grand Maneuver’ in the French Film and TV Markets: Lessons from the Experiences in France and Korea - Jimmyn Parc and Patrick Messerlin

State Intervention Does Not Support the Development of the Media Sector: Lessons from Korea and Japan - Nissim Otmazgin

How Chinese Filmmakers Effectively Respond to Chinese Government Policy for Enhancing Their Competitiveness - Hwy‐Chang Moon and Wenyan Yin

Boosting China’s Film Production: An Assessment of the Subsidies for China’s ‘Mainstream Films’ - Xiaolan Zhou

Target Hollywood! Examining Japan’s Film Import Ban in the 1930s - Stephen Ranger

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