Special Issue - Digital Technology and the Political Determinants of Health Inequities

Special Issue - Digital Technology and the Political Determinants of Health Inequities

This special issue analyzes the global rise of digital health technologies and identifies how they impact, both positively and negatively, inequities. It brings together diverse perspectives from academics, policy makers, practitioners and activists from around the world. Their contributions engage with empirical data and practical experiences from Africa (Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Sierra Leone), Asia (India), Europe (Germany, Norway, the European Union), and North America (the United States and Canada). Taken together and individually, they critically interrogate the political dimensions that link digital technologies and health equity.


Digital Technology and the Political Determinants of Health Inequities: Special Issue Introduction - Katerini Tagmatarchi Storeng, Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Manjari Mahajan and Sridhar Venkatapuram

Research Articles

21st Century Capitalism and Innovation for Health - Susan K. Sell

Governing Artificial Intelligence in an Age of Inequality - Padmashree Gehl Sampath

Emerging Consensus on ‘Ethical AI’: Human Rights Critique of Stakeholder Guidelines - Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Elizabeth Gibbons

From Ghana to India, Saving the Global South’s Mothers with a Digital Solution - Marine Al Dahdah

The Appropriated Body: Biometrics Regime, The Digital State and Healthcare in Contemporary India - Rajiv K. Mishra

Digital Health in East Africa: Innovation, Experimentation and the Market - Tom Neumark and Ruth J. Prince

Policy Insights

What’s Technology Got to Do With It? Power, Politics, and Health Equity Beyond Technological Triumphalism - Andrea A. Cortinois and Anne-Emanuelle Birn

The Too-Narrow Policy Debate: Lessons from Agricultural Biotechnology for Digital Technology - Manjari Mahajan

Mining the Data Oceans, Profiting on the Margins - Mary F. E. Ebeling

The Dangers of Data Colonialism in Precision Public Health - Kadija Ferryman

The Big Digital Contact Tracing Experiment - Antoine de Bengy Puyvallée and Katerini Tagmatarchi Storeng

COVID-Apps: Misdirecting Public Health Attention in a Pandemic - Susan Erikson

Algorithmic Bias and the (False) Promise of Numbers - Adam Moe Fejerskov

Practitioner Commentaries

Claiming Digital Technology for Health Equity: Early Lessons from Promising Practices in India - Jashodhara Dasgupta

Digital Health in Response to COVID-19 in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Opportunities and Challenges - Elizabeth A. Mitgang, Joaquin A. Blaya and Mickey Chopra

Avoiding the Road to Nowhere: Policy Insights on Scaling up and Sustaining Digital Health - Amnesty LeFevre, Sara Chamberlain, Neha S. Singh, Kerry Scott, Purnima Menon, Peter Barron, Rajani R. Ved and Asha George

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