Special Issue - EU Trade Policy: Challenges to its Strategic Autonomy

Volume 14, Issue S3

The EU is developing an approach to global trade governance which aims to reduce its global dependency and strengthen its autonomy. This special issue assesses to what degree this shift constitutes a significant or paradigm shift (Eliasson & Duran), explores what drives this shift in the context of increased politicisation of trade policy (Andrione-Moylan, De Wilde and Raube) as well as in terms of a policy response to a significant external shock such as COVID-19 (Curran & Eckhardt), asks what the implications are in the field of investment (Bauerle Danzman and Meunier) and what the implications are for the interinstitutional dynamics within EU institutions involved in trade-policy making, specifically from the perspective of accountability mechanisms (Weiss).

Special Issue Articles

The shift to strategic autonomy in EU trade policy - Axel Marx

New is old? The EU's Open, Sustainable and Assertive Trade Policy - L. Johan Eliasson and Patricia Garcia-Duran

Varieties of EU trade politicisation in EU public debates - Alex Andrione-Moylan, Pieter de Wilde and Kolja Raube

The EU's COVID-19 policy response and the restructuring of global value chains - Louise Curran and Jappe Eckhardt

Naïve no more: Foreign direct investment screening in the European Union - Sarah Bauerle Danzman and Sophie Meunier

The EU's strategic autonomy in times of politicisation of international trade: The future of commission accountability - Wolfgang Weiß

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