Special Issue - Governing Climate‐altering Approaches

Special Issue - Governing Climate‐altering Approaches

While awareness of the global climate emergency is growing, so too are greenhouse gas emissions and a persistent gap remains between international commitments and the 1.5–2°C goal of the Paris Agreement. Additional climate‐altering approaches are being considered to reduce atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide removal) or the amount of absorbed solar energy in the climate system (solar radiation modification) but they face multiple uncertainties and knowledge gaps relating to their feasibility, acceptability, sustainability and governance. This special issue presents new insights relating to the governance of climate‐altering approaches together with possible ways to address knowledge and governance gaps in future.


Introduction to the Special Issue: ‘Governing Climate‐altering Approaches’ - Janos Pasztor and Nicholas Harrison

Special Issue Articles

Splitting Climate Engineering Governance: How Problem Structure Shapes Institutional Design - Sikina Jinnah, David Morrow and Simon Nicholson

Clash of Geofutures and the Remaking of Planetary Order: Faultlines underlying Conflicts over Geoengineering Governance - Duncan McLaren and Olaf Corry

Carbon‐dioxide Removal and Biodiversity: A Threat Identification Framework - Kate Dooley, Ellycia Harrould‐Kolieb and Anita Talberg

Managing Land‐based CDR: BECCS, Forests and Carbon Sequestration - Duncan Brack and Richard King

Addressing power imbalances in biosequestration governance - Simone Lovera‐Bilderbeek and Souparna Lahiri

Large‐Scale Carbon Dioxide Removal to Meet the 1.5°C Limit: Key Governance Gaps, Challenges and Priority Responses - M.J. Mace, Claire L. Fyson, Michiel Schaeffer and William L. Hare

A Code of Conduct for Responsible Geoengineering Research - Anna‐Maria Hubert

Parametric Insurance for Solar Geoengineering: Insights from the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative - Joshua B. Horton, Penehuro Lefale and David Keith

Targeted Geoengineering: Local Interventions with Global Implications - John C. Moore, Ilona Mettiäinen, Michael Wolovick, Liyun Zhao, Rupert Gladstone, Ying Chen, Stefan Kirchner and Timo Koivurova

Solar Radiation Modification ‐ A “Silver Bullet” Climate Policy for Populist and Authoritarian Regimes? - Axel Michaelowa

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