Special Issue - New Diplomacy for New Conflicts

Special Issue - New Diplomacy for New Conflicts

This special issue addresses the the changing nature of contemporary conflicts and the challenges they pose to conventional diplomacy. The topic was explored at the “New Diplomacy for New Types of Conflict” conference at the German Institute of Global and Areas Studies on 2–3 July 2018. The findings provided the foundations for many of the issue's articles. They cover contemporary approaches to understanding and resolving conflicts, often through the lens of regional and country case studies. 


Introduction to the Special Issue - I. William Zartman Siniša Vuković

Fragmented Conflict: Handling the Current World Disorder - I. William Zartman

The Emerging Great Power Politics and Regionalism: Structuring Effective Regional Conflict Management - Mikhail Troitskiy

Regional Powers’ Rise and Impact on International Conflict and Negotiation: China and India as Global and Regional Players - Amrita Narlikar

The MENA Region's Intersecting Crises: What Next? - Joost Hiltermann

Managing Regional Conflict: The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Embargo of Qatar - Rory Miller

When the Flames are Licking at the Door: Standing Mechanisms for Conflict Prevention - Laurie Nathan

Negotiating Complex Conflicts - Cecilia Albin

Israeli and Palestinian Stories. Can Mediators Reconfigure Incompatible Narratives? - Valérie Rosoux

Building Resilience and Social Cohesion in Conflict - Pamela Aall Chester A. Crocker

International Multiparty Mediation: Prospects for a Coordinated Effort - Siniša Vuković

Taking Complex Systems Seriously: Visualizing and Modeling the Dynamics of Sustainable Peace - Peter T. Coleman, Larry S. Liebovitch and Joshua Fisher

Adaptive Peacemaking in Protracted Conflicts: IGAD Mediation in the Second Sudanese Civil War -Michael J. Butler

The Changing Nature of International Mediation - José Pascal da Rocha

Concert Diplomacy: Past, Present, Prospects - Paul W. Meerts

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