Special Issue: Our Common Agenda and its Implementation

Special Issue: Our Common Agenda and its Implementation

In September 2021 United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres issued the report Our Common Agenda. It presented his vision for the future of global governance through an inclusive, networked and effective multilateralism. The contributors to this special issue provide brief articles commenting on diverse salient aspects of the report's recommendations implementation and they touch on a variety of issues of global governance. They cover the politics and power of metrics, the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus, subnational authorities in the EU, lessons from the weakly coordinated global COVID-19 pandemic response, the continued relevance of the WTO and a three-step methodology for the analysis of gender inequality.

Special Issue Articles

Our Common Agenda and its implementation: An introduction - Jan Wouters and María C. Latorre

Our common metrics? Our Common Agenda report and the epistemic infrastructure of the Sustainable Development Goals - Justyna Bandola-Gill

Contribution of subnational authorities to multilateralism from the EU perspective—Implementation of the SDGs - Michał Dulak

Implementing the Humanitarian-development-peace nexus in a post-pandemic world: Multilateral cooperation and the challenge of inter-organisational dialogue - Eugenia Baroncelli

COVID-19 and the fiscal and monetary challenges to implementing Our Common Agenda - Nicholas Sowels

A fairer and more resilient multilateral trading system will require a reinvigorated WTO - Robert B. Koopman and Mary Lisa Madell

Tools and data for the analysis of gender policies: A review - Lorenzo Escot, María C. Latorre and José Andrés Fernández-Cornejo

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