Vol. 1, Issue 1, January 2010

The first issue of Global Policy covers wide-ranging and key themes such as systemic risk and global governance, global and regional collective action problems, the transformation of the world economy and the protection of global commons. It includes peer-reviewed research and survey articles by high profile academics and commentaries by leading international policy practitioners.

Research Articles

Ian Goldin & Tiffany Vogel - Global Governance and Systemic Risk in the 21st Century

Mathias Koenig- Archibugi - Global dimensions of policy

Geoffrey Garrett - The G2 in the G-20: China, the United States and the World after the Global Financial Crisis

Todd Sandler - Overcoming Global and Regional Collective Action Impediments

Ngaire Woods - Global governance after the financial crisis: A new multilateralism or the last gasp of the great powers?

Scott Barrett & Michael Toman - Contrasting Future Paths for an Evolving Global Climate Regime

Ethan Kapstein & Josh Busby - Making Markets for Merit Goods: The Political Economy of Anti-Retrovirals

Elizabeth Bartholet - International Adoption: The Human Rights Position

Survey Articles

Michael Clarke - Nuclear Disarmament and the 2010 NPT Review Conference

Klaus Dodds - Governing Antarctica: Contemporary Challenges and the Enduring Legacy of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty

Practitioner Commentaries

General David Petraeus - Counterinsurgency Concepts: What We Learned in Iraq

Douglas Alexander - The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the World’s Poorest Countries

Review Essays

Mary Kaldor - New Thinking in the Pentagon


Book Reviews

Release Date