Vol. 1, Issue 2, May 2010

Our May 2010 issue includes contributions from Robert Wade on industrial policy in low-income countries, Rob Howse & Ruti Teitel on compliance in international law, and a special practitioner's section on international financial regulation edited by Howard Davies.

Research Articles

Robert Howse, Ruti Teitel - Beyond Compliance: Rethinking Why International Law Really Matters

Daniele Archibugi, Andrea Filippetti - The Globalisation of Intellectual Property Rights: Four Learned Lessons and Four Theses

Robert Wade - After the Crisis: Industrial Policy and the Developmental State in Low-Income Countries

Gawdat Bahgat - Sovereign Wealth Funds: An Assessment

Matthew Bolton, Thomas Nash - The Role of Middle Power–NGO Coalitions in Global Policy: The Case of the Cluster Munitions Ban

Practitioners’ Special Section:
The next steps in global financial regulation
Guest Editor: Howard Davies

Howard Davies - Global Financial Regulation after the Credit Crisis

Andrew Sheng - The Regulatory Reform of Global Financial Markets: An Asian Regulator's Perspective

Eddy Wymeersch - Global and Regional Financial Regulation: The Viewpoint of a European Securities Regulator

Survey Articles

Edgar A. Whitley and Gus Hosein - Global Identity Policies and Technology: Do we Understand the Question?

Practitioner Commentaries

Linda Yueh - An International Approach to Energy Security

Todd Moss - What Next for the Millennium Development Goals?

Responses to Articles

Andy Salmon - A response to ‘Counterinsurgency concepts: what we learned in Iraq’

Isabelle Mateos y Lago & Yongzheng Yang - A response to ‘Global governance after the financial crisis’

Shinji Takagi - A response to ‘Global governance after the financial crisis’

Paolo Barozzo - A response to ‘International adoption: the human rights position’

Review Essays

Katja Svensson - A Year of Reflection: Gender and Women's Rights in International Development Cooperation


Book Reviews

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