Vol. 1, Issue 3, October 2010

The October 2010 issue of Global Policy covers topics ranging from intellectual property to international climate policy and resource management in the Arctic, and features authors such as Joe Stiglitz, Pascal Lamy and Justin Lin.

Research Articles

Claude Henry and Joseph E. Stiglitz - Intellectual Property, Dissemination of Innovation and Sustainable Development

Robert Falkner, Hannes Stephan and John Vogler - International Climate Policy after Copenhagen: Towards a ‘Building Blocks’ Approach

Luk Van Langenhove - The Transformation of Multilateralism Mode 1.0 to Mode 2.0

Mary Kaldor - Inconclusive Wars: Is Clausewitz Still Relevant in these Global Times?

Eric Helleiner - What Role for the New Financial Stability Board? The Politics of International Standards after the Crisis

Charles D. Raab - Information Privacy: Networks of Regulation at the Subglobal Level

Survey Articles

Klaus Dodds - A Polar Mediterranean? Accessibility, Resources and Sovereignty in the Arctic Ocean

Practitioner Commentaries

Pascal Lamy - Global Governance: Getting Us Where We All Want to Go and Getting Us There Together

Marco Boggero - Clinical Field Research in a Post-conflict Setting

Sanmit Ahuja - Intellectual Property Crime: The Urgent Need for Global Attention

Dorothy Attwood - Keeping the Internet’s Promise: Universal, Open and Safe

Emmanuel Yujuico and Mona D. Valisno - Exploring Links between Education, Migration and Remittances: The Philippine Case

Tara Acharya, Daniel W. Bena, Beth C. Sauerhaft and Derek Yach - The Role of the Food Industry in Strengthening Links between Agriculture, Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability

Responses to Articles

Justin Yifu Lin - Six Steps for Strategic Government Intervention

Hal S. Scott - The Next Step in Global Financial Regulation: Global Regulation of Interconnectedness

Eric A. Posner - Evaluating the Effects of International Law: Next Steps

Review Essays

Michael Mason - Tackling Dangerous Climate Change: Slow-Ramp or Springboard?


Book Reviews

Release Date