Vol 10, Issue 2, May 2019

Vol 10, Issue 2, May 2019

The May 2019 issue of Global Policy has, amongst others, research articles on global health governance, tax spillover, global financial regulation, China's Belt Road Initiative and solar geoengineering. There are survey articles on grants based multi-lateral funding and the US-China policy debate. It also includes policy insights on informality and the G7, inequality agendas in the G7 and G20, and why the petrostate won't end as the global energy transition continues. There is a keynote on altruism, global extinction and animal welfare. 


Research Articles

Gridlock, Innovation and Resilience in Global Health Governance - David Held, Ilona Kickbusch, Kyle McNally, Dario Piselli and Michaela Told

The Political Economy of ‘Tax Spillover’: A New Multilateral Framework - Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy

Global Financial Regulation: Shortcomings and Reform Options - Emily Jones Peter Knaack

Narrating China's belt and road initiative - Jinghan Zeng

Sulfur in the Sky with Diamonds: An Inquiry into the Feasibility of Solar Geoengineering - Marco Grasso

Institutional Drift in International Biotechnology Regulation - Florian Rabitz

Survey Articles

An Assessment of Grant‐based Multilateral Funding Flows from 2014 to 2016 - John W McArthur and Krista Rasmussen

From Engagement to Competition? The Logic of the US China Policy Debate - Nien‐chung and Chang‐Liao


Global Extinction and Animal Welfare: Two Priorities for Effective Altruism - Yew‐Kwang Ng

Policy Insights

How Informality Can Address Emerging Issues: Making the Most of the G7 -

Jean‐Frédéric Morin, Hugo Dobson, Claire Peacock, Miriam Prys‐Hansen, Abdoulaye Anne, Louis Bélanger, Peter Dietsch, Judit Fabian, John Kirton, Raffaele Marchetti, Simone Romano, Miranda Schreurs, Arthur Silve and Elisabeth Vallet

And yet it Moves: The Agenda against Inequalities in the G7 and G20 - Simone Martelli and Lawrence Bartolomucci

Why the Global Energy Transition Does Not Mean the End of the Petrostate - Andreas Goldthau and Kirsten Westphal

Belt and Road Initiative: Responses from Japan and India – Bilateralism, Multilateralism and Collaborations - Suresh Nanwani

Practitioner Commentary

Globalisation and Transatlantic Economic Policy - Edward Price

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