Vol 10, Issue 4, December 2019

Vol 10, Issue 4, December 2019

The December 2019 issue of Global Policy has two special sections. The first entitled 'The AIIB in Global Perspective: Early Development, Innovation and Future Agenda' edited by Gregory T. Chin, Giuseppe Gabusi, Carla P. Freeman, Giovanni B. Andornino. The second 'Lessons and challenges for networking cities: policy insights from/after a decade of C40' edited by Kathryn Davidson, Lars Coenen and Brendan Gleeson. The issue also has research articles on the vulnerable world hypothesis, the new wars thesis, the middle-income trap and genetically engineered animals. There are practitioner commentaries on globalisation, the IPCC and the humanitarian sector.

Research Articles

The Vulnerable World Hypothesis - Nick Bostrom

The New War Thesis and Clausewitz: A Reconciliation - Benjamin R. Banta

Effective Orchestration? The 1540 Committee and the WMD Terrorism Regime Complex - Benjamin Kienzle

The Leap of the Tiger: Escaping the Middle‐income Trap to the Technological Frontier - Reda Cherif and Fuad Hasanov

Can Vision 2020 be Far Away? Malaysia's Transformation Problems to a High‐income Economy - Daniel Fleming and Henrik Søborg

Citizenship as Sovereign Wealth: Re‐thinking Investor Immigration - Alan Gamlen, Chris Kutarna and Ashby Monk

‘Real interest’? Understanding the 2018 Agreement to Prevent Unregulated High Seas Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean - Klaus Dodds

Autonomy of Nations and Indigenous Peoples and the Environmental Release of Genetically Engineered Animals with Gene Drives - Zahra Meghani

Special Section I

The AIIB in Global Perspective: Early Development, Innovation and Future Agenda Edited by Gregory T. Chin, Giuseppe Gabusi, Carla P. Freeman, Giovanni B. Andornino

Introduction to the special section: 'The AIIB in Global Perspective: Early Development, Innovation and Future' - Gregory T. Chin

AIIB at Three: A Comparative and Institutional Perspective - Natalie Lichtenstein

On the AIIB’s Non‐resident Board: Strategic Trade‐offs, Roles and Responsibilities - Camillo von Müller and Elke Baumann

The AIIB and Sustainable Infrastructure: A Hybrid Layered Approach - Karin Costa Vazquez and Gregory T. Chin

Economic–Security Nexus in the AIIB: China's Quest for Security through Eurasian Connectivity - Giovanni B. Andornino

The Role of AIIB in the ‘New Normal’ Era for Indonesia and ASEAN - M. Chatib Basri

Financing Sustainable Infrastructure Development in South Asia: The Case of AIIB - Nagesh Kumar and Ojasvee Arora

AIIB Membership for African Countries: Drawcards and Drawbacks - Cyril Prinsloo

Global Standards in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: The Contribution of the European Members - Giuseppe Gabusi

Latin America and the AIIB: Interests and Viewpoints - Alvaro Mendez

Turkey and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Economic Pragmatism meets Geopolitics - Seçkin Köstem

Is the AIIB a China‐controlled Bank? China’s Evolving Multilateralism in Three Dimensions (3D) - Jiejin Zhu

Leveraging Asia's Financial Hubs for the AIIB: Hong Kong and Singapore - Yu‐wai Vic Li

Constructive Engagement? The US and the AIIB - Carla P. Freeman

Policy Insights

Accelerating the United Nation's 2030 Global Agenda: Why Prioritization of the Gender Goal is Essential - Paula Hepp, Claire Somerville and Bettina Borisch

A Conceptual Framework of Arctic Economies for Policy‐making, Research, and Practice - Sanne Vammen Larsen, Eleanor K. Bors, Lára Jóhannsdóttir, Elena Gladun, Daria Gritsenko, Soili Nysten‐Haarala, Svetlana Tulaeva and Todd Sformo

Special Section II

Lessons and challenges for networking cities: policy insights from/after a decade of C40 Edited by Kathryn Davidson, Lars Coenen and Brendan Gleeson

A Decade of C40: Research Insights and Agendas for City Networks - Kathryn Davidson, Lars Coenen and Brendan Gleeson

C40 Cities Inside Out - Michele Acuto and Mehrnaz Ghojeh

How City‐networks are Shaping and Failing Innovations in Urban Institutions for Sustainability and Resilience - Niki Frantzeskaki

From There to Here and Beyond: A Friendly Rejoinder to Davidson et al. - David Gordon and Craig Johnson

The C40 Experience: From Technical Experiment to Political Inspiration - Emmanuelle Pinault

Unpacking the Politics of C40: ‘Critical Friendship’ for a Second Decade - Emilia Smeds

Situating C40 in the Evolution of Networked Urban Climate Governance - Lars Coenen, Kathryn Davidson and Brendan Gleeson

Practitioner Commentaries

Globalisation is Alive and Well … and Kicking - Edward Price

What National Decision‐makers Need From The IPCC: Special Reports With New Insights - Mukul Sanwal. Can Wang. Xinzhu Zheng and Xinran Yang

Using Regulatory Sandboxes to Support Responsible Innovation in the Humanitarian Sector - Aaron Martin and Giulia Balestra

Old Wine in New Bottles – How Protectionism Takes Hold of Digital Trade - Erik van der Marel

Response Article

Commentary on Benjamin Banta: Thinking through Practices that ‘Work’ in a Rapidly Changing World - Mary Kaldor

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