Vol 11, Issue 1, February 2020

Vol 11, Issue 1, February 2020

The February 2020 issue of Global Policy has two special sections. The first edited by Martin Beck and Thomas Richter is entitled 'Fluctuating Regional (Dis‐)Order in the Middle East'. The second on 'Enhancing Europe’s Global Power' is edited by Helmut Anheier, Christoph Abels, Iain Begg and Kevin Featherstone'. Among others, the issue also has research articles on IMF-World Bank cooperation, the Bank's fragile states agenda and measuring the SDGs. The are policy insights on China and multilateralism, and South Asia's preparations for reaching health related SDGs.

Research Articles

Keep Calm and Carry On (Differently): NATO and CSDP after Brexit - Lorenzo Cladi and Andrea Locatelli

IMF‐World Bank Cooperation Before and After the Global Financial Crisis - Matthias Kranke

Ideas, Institutions and the World Bank: The Social Protection and Fragile States Agendas - Sophie Mackinder

Alleviating the Thucydides' Trap through Welfare State Dependence: How the Funding Needs of the Western Welfare State Can Influence Multilateral Relations with China - Emilios Avgouleas and Vasilis Trigkas

Is the Patent System a Barrier to Inclusive Prosperity? The Biomedical Perspective - Helen Gubby

Measuring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): An Inclusive Approach - Arman Bidarbakhtnia

Special Section: Fluctuating Regional (Dis‐)Order in the Middle East Edited by Martin Beck and Thomas Richter

Fluctuating Regional (Dis‐)Order in the Post‐Arab Uprising Middle East - Martin Beck and Thomas Richter

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: The Logic of Hegemonic Retreat - Sean Yom

The Aggravated Struggle for Regional Power in the Middle East: American Allies Saudi Arabia and Israel versus Iranc - Martin Beck

New Petro‐aggression in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia in the Spotlight - Thomas Richter

Escalation in Failed Military Interventions: Saudi and Emirati Quagmires in Yemen - May Darwich

The Battle over Syria's Reconstruction - Raymond Hinnebusch

Practitioner Commentary

The Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges - Valentina Amuso, Giuliano Poletti and Donato Montibello

Special Section: Enhancing Europe’s Global Power Edited by Helmut Anheier, Christoph Abels, Iain Begg and Kevin Featherstone

Enhancing Europe’s Global Power: A Scenario Exercise with Eight Proposals - Christoph M. Abels, Helmut K. Anheier, Iain Begg and Kevin Featherstone

Europe in the 21st Century: Powerful and Powerless - Kishore Mahbubani

Enhancing Europe’s Economic Global Power - Marco Buti

Strength in Contradiction: Europe as a Living Example for Peaceful Prosperity - Sahoko Kaji

Europe in a Turbulent World: Four Comments - Robert H. Wade

Enhancing Europe’s Global Power in Asia 2030 - Yee‐Kuang Heng

Policy Insights

China and Global Governance: Opportunistic Multilateralism - Scott L. Kastner, Margaret M. Pearson and Chad Rector

From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Fall of Aleppo. The Decline of Global Governance – and How to Restore it -Torgeir E. Fjærtoft

Framework for a Single Global Repository of Child Abuse Materials - Kemal Veli Açar

National Level Preparedness for Implementing the Health‐related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Seven South Asian Countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka -

Saadiya Razzaq Said Ahmad Maisam Najafizada Sanghmitra Sheel Acharya Yolanthika Ellepola Kashmala Chaudhry Rabia Tabassum Mahbub Elahi Chowdhury Sunisha Neupane Rajendra Kumar BC Ugyen Pelgen Shah Ali Akbar Ashrafi Gobinda C Pal Tshering Wangdi and Nabila Kunwal

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