Vol 11, Issue 4, September 2020

Vol 11, Issue 4, September 2020

The September 2020 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on the economic risks of Covid-19, security cooperation among the BRICS, resilience in global trade governance and terrorism in the MENA region. There are also policy insights on regional integration and global health, collective responsibility for severe poverty, a proposal for a new development commitment and regulating the digital economy. The US national security strategy is explored in a practitioner commentary and anti-corruption sanctions in a review essay.

Research Articles

Measuring the Economic Risk of COVID‐19 - Ilan Noy Nguyen, Doan Benno Ferrarini and Donghyun Park

Middle East and North Africa: Terrorism and Conflicts - Wukki Kim and Todd Sandler

Whither Security Cooperation in the BRICS? Between the Protection of Norms and Domestic Politics Dynamics - Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes

Breaking Gridlock: How Path Dependent Layering Enhances Resilience in Global Trade Governance - Benjamin Faude

Understanding Film Co‐Production in the Era of Globalization: A Value Chain Approach - Jimmyn Parc

The Political Value of Internal Devaluation in the Euro Area Crisis - Ramon Xifré

Policy Insights

A Proposal for a New Universal Development Commitment - Andy Sumner, Nilima Gulrajani, Myles Wickstead and Jonathan Glennie

Collective Responsibility for Severe Poverty - Thom Brooks

Dignity, Inequality, and the Populist Backlash: Lessons from America and Europe for a Sustainable Globalization - Rawi Abdelal

COVID‐19: A Make or Break Moment for Global Policy Making - Pietro Maffettone and Chiara Oldani

Regional Integration, Health Policy and Global Health - Haik Nikogosian

Global Regulations for a Digital Economy: Between New and Old Challenges - Guillaume Beaumier, Kevin Kalomeni, Malcolm Campbell‐Verduyn, Marc Lenglet, Serena Natile, Marielle Papin, Daivi Rodima‐Taylor, Arthur Silve and Falin Zhang

Interrogating Technology‐led Experiments in Sustainability Governance - Nick Bernards, Malcolm Campbell‐Verduyn, Daivi Rodima‐Taylor, Jerome Duberry, Quinn DuPont, Andreas Dimmelmeier, Moritz Huetten, Laura C. Mahrenbach, Tony Porter and Bernhard Reinsberg

Practitioner Commentary

The US National Security Strategy: Competing for Supremacy in a Multipolar World with a Unipolar Strategy - Matthias Wasinger

Review Essay

The Long Arm of Anti‐corruption: Extraterritoriality and Anti‐corruption Targeted Sanctions - Yuliya Zabyelina

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