Vol 12, Issue 1, February 2021

Vol 12, Issue 1, February 2021

The February 2021 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, a Post‐COVID‐19 United Nations, power and multilateral development banks, big science collaborations, and club‐based climate regime and OECD negotiations. There is also a special section on the humanitarian and environmental consequences of nuclear weapons. The issue concludes with policy insights on teaching global citizenship, expanding the global financial safety net in response to COVID-19, and the EU in the face of Chinese expansionism.  

Research Articles

The ‘Third’ UN: Imagining Post‐COVID‐19 Multilateralism - Tatiana Carayannis and Thomas G. Weiss

The Enlarged Global Financial Safety Net - Evgeny Vinokurov and Artem Levenkov

Power Structure Dynamics in Growing Multilateral Development Banks: The Case of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - Hang Luo, Lize Yang and Kourosh Houshmand

The Club‐based Climate Regime and OECD Negotiations on Restricting Coal‐fired Power Export Finance - Jessica C. Liao

Internet Fragmentation, Political Structuring, and Organizational Concentration in Transnational Engineering Networks - David Weyrauch and Thomas Winzen

Big Science Collaborations; Lessons for Global Governance and Leadership - Mark Robinson

Special Section Articles

Addressing the Ongoing Humanitarian and Environmental Consequences of Nuclear Weapons: An Introductory Review - Matthew B. Bolton and Elizabeth Minor

Policy Approaches Addressing the Ongoing Humanitarian and Environmental Consequences of Nuclear Weapons: A Commentary - Nate Van Duzer and Alicia Sanders‐Zakre

Addressing the Humanitarian and Environmental Consequences of Atmospheric Nuclear Weapon Tests: A Case Study of UK and US Test Programs at Kiritimati (Christmas) and Malden Islands, Republic of Kiribati - Becky Alexis‐Martin, Matthew Breay Bolton, Dimity Hawkins, Sydney Tisch and Talei Luscia Mangioni

Commentary on Addressing the Legacies of Nuclear Weapons Use and Testing: Perspectives from Survivors - Elizabeth Minor, Hana Umezawa, Terumi Tanaka, Sueichi Kido and Dmitriy Vesselov

A Singular Opportunity: Setting Standards for Victim Assistance under the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - Bonnie Docherty

Policy Insights

Teaching Global Citizenship: The Global Leadership Initiative, its Impact and Challenges - Hugo Dobson, Matthew L. Bishop, Charis Enns, Philipp Horn and Gregory Stiles

Safety First: Expanding the Global Financial Safety Net in Response to COVID‐19 - Kevin P. Gallagher, Haihong Gao, William N. Kring and José A. Ocampo Ulrich Volz

The EU in Search of Autonomy in the Era of Chinese Expansionism and COVID‐19 Pandemic – Sebastian Santander and Antonios Vlassis

A World after COVID‐19: Business as Usual, or Building Bolder and Better? - Walter R. Erdelen and Jacques G. Richardson

Practitioner Commentary

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: What are the Benefits for SMEs? - Valentina Amuso, Giuliano Poletti and Donato Montibello

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