Vol 12, Issue 2, April 2021

Vol 12, Issue 2, April 2021

The second edition of Global Policy: Next Generation contains research articles on accountability in transnational stakeholder partnerships; sovereign wealth funds; ethnonational conflicts; and the governance of disinformation. There is also a policy insight on feminists building political and social alliances to influence governments in the Pacific region and a review essay of two books focussed on the emergence and establishment of Islamist terrorist networks in the Horn of Africa.

Global Policy: Next Generation is an annual issue from Global Policy and is funded by the Global Policy Institute. The Institute is hosted in the School of Government and International Affairs and is a joint venture with the Durham Law School.


Editorial - Gregory Stiles, Janina Pescinski, Katharine Petrich and Anastasia Ufimtseva

Research Articles

Transnational Multistakeholder Partnerships as Vessels to Finance Development: Navigating the Accountability Waters - Gamze Erdem Türkelli

Diversification, Khashoggi, and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund - Oliver McPherson-Smith

Settling with Autonomy after Civil Wars: Lessons from Aceh, Indonesia - Kentaro Fujikawa

The International Discourses and Governance of Fake News - Ric Neo

Policy Insights

The Negotiation of a Feminist Sisterhood in the Pacific – Two Recent Cases of Intersectional Alliance Building - Jane Alver

Review Essay

Pragmatic Terrorism: Challenging Common Assumptions - Luciano Pollichieni

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