Vol 13, Issue 1, March 2022

Vol 13, Issue 1, March 2022

The March 2022 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, post pandemic budget cuts, low carbon equity markets, corporate tax abuse, human rights and the limits to China's ride. There is also a practitioners’ special section on Afghanistan, regional powers and non-traditional security challenges edited by Raj Verma. The issue is concluded by a policy insight on sustainable transformations and a review essay on weakness as a weapon.

Research Articles

Austerity Redux: The Post-pandemic Wave of Budget Cuts and the Future of Global Public Health - Alexander Kentikelenis and Thomas Stubbs

A Practical Proposal to end Corporate Tax Abuse: METR, a Minimum Effective Tax Rate for Multinationals - Alex Cobham, Tommaso Faccio, Javier Garcia-Bernardo, Petr Janský and Jeffery Kadet, Sol Picciotto

The Low-carbon Equity Market: A New Alternative for Investment Diversification? - Vítor Manuel de Sousa Gabriel, María Belén Lozano and Maria Fernanda Ludovina Inácio Matias

Contextualizing Donors’ Interests: The United Nations’ Shaming of the United States’ Trade Partners - Sara Kahn-Nisser

Comparative Fortunes of Ecosystem Services as an International Governance Concept - Jen Iris Allan, Graeme Auld, Timothy Cadman and Hayley Stevenson

Human Rights Fallout of Nuclear Detonations: Reevaluating ‘Threshold Thinking’ in Assisting Victims of Nuclear Testing - Matthew Breay Bolton

The Limits to China's Peaceful Rise – Deep Integration and a New Cold War - Jianyong Yue

Practitioners’ Special Section on Afghanistan Edited by Raj Verma

Afghanistan, regional powers and non-traditional security threats and challenges - Raj Verma

Picking up the Pieces in Afghanistan: Need for Smarter Diplomacy and Targeted Counterterrorism - Lisa Curtis

Non-traditional Security Threats to India from Afghanistan? - Manoj Joshi

The Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Non-traditional Security Challenges - Zahid Shahab Ahmed

China’s Alternative Prudent Approach in Afghanistan - Haibin Niu and Yuehan Huang

Russia, Central Asia and Non-traditional Security Threats from Afghanistan following the US Withdrawal - Ekaterina Stepanova

Iran’s Nontraditional Security Challenges under the Taliban Rule - Mohsen Solhdoost and Mahmoud Pargoo

Instability in Afghanistan and Non-traditional Security Threats: A Public Good Problem? - Raj Verma

Policy Insights

Towards a Portfolio Approach: Partnerships for Sustainable Transformations - David Horan

Review Essay

When is Weakness a Weapon? - Charles B. Roger

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