Vol 13, Issue 3, July 2022

Volume 13, Issue 3, July 2020

The third edition of Global Policy: Next Generation (GPNG) emerges into an increasingly multipolar global order with deepening localisation and regionalisation triggered by the twin forces of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising nationalist sentiments across the world. The edition's five re-search articles and two policy insights grapple with the policy challenges emerging from the cracks appearing in the pre-existing international order. They offer a forward-thinking lens for developing proactive and comprehensive responses across different levels of multilateral, regional and global governance. Consistent among the articles is the urgency to broaden perspectives beyond national interest.

Global Policy: Next Generation is an annual issue from Global Policy and is funded by the Global Policy Institute. The Institute is hosted in the School of Government and International Affairs and is a joint venture with the Durham Law School.


Editorial - Gregory Stiles, Anastasia Ufimtseva, Janina Pescinski and  Katharine Petrich

Research Articles

You’re Fired! International Courts, Re-contracting, and the WTO Appellate Body during the Trump Presidency - Giuseppe Zaccaria

‘It Takes Two to Tango’: South–South Cooperation Measurement Politics in a Multiplex World - Laura Trajber Waisbich

Does Space Law Prevent Patterns of Antarctic Imperialism in Outer Space? - Henry Padden

Driving Global Convergence in Green Financial Policies: China as Policy Pioneer and the EU as Standard Setter - Mathias Lund Larsen

Women’s Empowerment Without Power: Strategic v. Practical Interests in SDGs and the Voluntary National Reviews - Nancy Y. Kim, Yoorim Bang and Eun Mee Kim

Policy Insights

A UN Treaty for Marine Biodiversity: Establishing Environmental Policy Integration in Global Governance - Dona Barirani

Ensuring Market Supply Transparency for Personal Protective Equipment: Preparing for Future Pandemics - Nadia Garcia-Santaolalla and Kyle de Klerk

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