Vol 13, Issue 5, November 2022

Vol 13, Issue 5, November 2022

The November 2022 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, the pandemic and Ukraine, stewardship of the SDGs, financing green transitions, austerity policies, and nuclear war. There are also three policy insights on governing global risks, monitoring ceasefires and an increasingly multipolar world. 

Research Articles

The age of fuzzy bifurcation: Lessons from the pandemic and the Ukraine War - Richard Higgott and Simon Reich

If caring begins at home, who cares for the carers? Introducing the Global Care Policy Index - Anju Mary Paul, Jiang Haolie and Cynthia Chen

Making global public policy work: A survey of international organization effectiveness - David Coen, Julia Kreienkamp, Alexandros Tokhi and Tom Pegram

International organisations as ‘custodians’ of the sustainable development goals? Fragmentation and coordination in sustainability governance - Melanie van Driel, Frank Biermann, Rakhyun E. Kim and Marjanneke J. Vijge

The UN High‐Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development: An orchestrator, more or less? - Marianne Beisheim and Felicitas Fritzsche

A comparative analysis of the environmental and social policies of the AIIB and World Bank - Laerte Apolinário Júnior and Felipe Jukemura

Export finance and the green transition - Andreas Klasen, Roseline Wanjiru, Jenni Henderson and Josh Phillips

A contemporary social contract: An exploration of enabling factors influencing climate policy intractability in developed nations - Stephen P. Groff

Causality and the fate of climate litigation: The role of the social superstructure narrative - Friederike E. L. Otto, Petra Minnerop, Emmanuel Raju, Luke J. Harrington, Rupert F. Stuart-Smith, Emily Boyd, Rachel James, Richard Jones and Kristian C. Lauta

Back to the Future: Lessons from the 2009–2012 austerity policies for the aftermath of the COVID crisis - Alfredo Arahuetes García and Gonzalo Gómez Bengoechea

The results of internal devaluation policy as a crisis exit strategy: The case of Spain - Javier Bilbao-Ubillos and Ana-Isabel Fernández-Sainz

Nuclear war as a predictable surprise - Matthew Rendall

Policy Insights

A Safe Governance Space for Humanity: Necessary Conditions for the Governance of Global Catastrophic Risks - Len Fisher and Anders Sandberg

Ceasefire monitoring under fire: The OSCE, technology, and the 2022 war in Ukraine - Aly Verjee

A future multipolar world - Michael Lloyd and Chris Dixon

Response Articles

Iran's Taliban problem revisited - Fred H. Lawson and Matteo Legrenzi

Attribution science and the fate of climate litigation - Benoit Mayer


Correction to Driving Global Convergence in Green Financial Policies: China as Policy Pioneer and the EU as Standard Setter

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