Vol 14, Issue 1, February 2023

Vol 14, Issue 1, February 2023

The February 2023 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on Afghan women, reframing the climate debate, e-governance, corporate tax governance, and Trump's foreign policy. There is a Policy Insight Special section on arms exports. There are also policy insights on, among others, covid-19 and democracy, Rohingya refugees and a global child protection fund.

Research Articles

Protecting skilled Afghan women: Brain save and the politics of vulnerability - Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Ingunn Bjørhaug, Astrid Espegren and Adèle Garnier

Are international organisations in decline? An absolute and relative perspective on institutional change - Maria J. Debre and Hylke Dijkstra

The organisational dimension of executive authority in the Global South: Insights from the AU and ECOWAS commissions - Jarle Trondal, Thomas Tieku and Stefan Gänzle

Reframing the climate debate: The origins and diffusion of net zero pledges - Hermine Van Coppenolle, Mathieu Blondeel and Thijs Van de Graaf

Operationalising sustainability? Why sustainability fails as an investment criterion for safeguarding the future - Simon Friederich and Jonathan Symons

The Big Four and corporate tax governance: From global dis-harmony to national regulatory incrementalism - Ainsley Elbra, John Mikler and Hannah Murphy-Gregory

Digital footprints as barriers to accessing e-government services - Kira Allmann and Roxana Radu

All the President's men. Leadership style, advisory system and Donald Trump's mixed record in foreign policy - Andrea Carati and Andrea Locatelli

Policy Insights Special Section

Introducing the special section on ‘arms export controls during war and armed conflict’ - Anna Stavrianakis

Unpacking the storytelling around French arms sales: Demystifying the “strategic autonomy” argument - Emma Soubrier

Debunking the myth of the “robust control regime”: UK arms export controls during war and armed conflict - Anna Stavrianakis

Demystifying the ‘gold standard’ of arms export controls: US arms exports to conflict zones - Jennifer L. Erickson

Policy Insights

The 21st century trust and leadership problem: Quoi faire? - Helmut K. Anheier and Edward L. Knudsen

COVID-19 and democratic resilience - Richard Youngs

Finding synergies and trade-offs when linking biodiversity and climate change through cooperative initiatives - Oscar Widerberg, Idil Boran, Sander Chan, Andrew Deneault, Marcel Kok, Katarzyna Negacz, Philipp Pattberg and Matilda Petersson

On a global child protection fund financed by international tech companies - Kemal Veli Açar

Major powers make the call? Review of 70 years engagement of major powers with Myanmar - Peng Liu, He Miao and Wang Huan

Rohingya refugees in the pandemic: Crisis and policy responses - Mallik Akram Hossain,  A. K. M. Ahsan Ullah and Md. Mohiuddin

Afghanistan and the way forward: Incorporating indigenous knowledge into policymaking - Zulfia Abawe, Bilquees Daud, Haqmal Daudzai, Moheb Jabarkhail and Farooq Yousaf

Response Article

The ecosystem of headquarter cities and international organisations needs more consideration - Suyu Liu and Wenjun Ding


Correction to “Making It Rain? Comparing the Determinants of Chinese and Western FDI Flows to Africa”

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