Vol 14, Issue 3, June 2023

Volume 14, Issue 3, June 2023

The June 2023 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, just energy transitions, the SDGs, existential and global catastrophic risks, atomic bomb damage, Ukraine and legal grey zones, and energy as a weapon of war. There are also practitioner commentaries on telecommunication and digitalisation, and global value chains, and policy insights on negotiations for a pandemic treaty and data solidarity.

Research Articles

Mind the gap: The global governance of just transitions - Peter Newell, Freddie Daley, Olga Mikheeva and Iva Peša

Missing the SDGs: Political accountability for insufficient environmental action - Lena Partzsch

Strongman leadership and the limits to international cooperation - Richard Higgott and Taelyn Reid

Financial globalisation in ASEAN+3: Navigating the financial trilemma - Sasidaran Gopalan, Bhavya Gupta and Ramkishen S. Rajan

Foreign direct investments and the dynamics of trade and capital flows: Schumpeterian insights for sustained development - Patrick Kaczmarczyk and Heiner Flassbeck

Taking stock of systems for organizing existential and global catastrophic risks: Implications for policy - Gabel Taggart

Addressing the atomic bomb damage: Associations between ‘state compensation’ demands and aspects of survivors' suffering - Vladisaya Bilyanova Vasileva, Shizue Izumi and Noriyuki Kawano

Rescaling the legal dimensions of grey zones: Evidence from Ukraine - Borys Kormych, Tetyana Malyarenko and Cindy Wittke

Energy as a weapon of war: Lessons from 50 years of energy interdependence - Michael Carnegie LaBelle

Policy Insights

The policy response to global value chain disruption - Uri Dadush

Who drives the international standardisation of telecommunication and digitalisation? Introducing a new data set - Sebastian Klotz

Practitioner Commentaries

Against data individualism: Why a pandemic accord needs to commit to data solidarity - Ilona Kickbusch and Barbara Prainsack

International negotiations for a pandemic treaty: A thematic evaluation of 43 member states - Jay Patel

Can global trade rules cope with changing nutrition challenges? - Anne Marie Thow, Erik Wijkström and Christiane Wolff

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