Vol 4, Issue 2, May 2013

Vol 4, Issue 2, May 2013

The May 2013 edition of Global Policy contains two special sections. The first, edited by John Mikler, on ‘Global Companies and Emerging Market Economies’ is based on contributions to a Handbook of Global Companies released contiguously with this issue. The second, edited by Valentina Gentile and Marcelo di Paola, adopts a multidimensional approach to 'Globalising Justice', examining justice beyond nation-state borders and across the planet. The issue also contains articles on food security, forum shopping in global governance, future warfare technology and sustainable development.


Research Articles

Jennifer Clapp and Sophia Murphy - The G20 and Food Security: a Mismatch in Global Governance?

Hannah Murphy and Aynsley Kellow - Forum Shopping in Global Governance: Understanding States, Business and NGOs in Multiple Arenas

Rianne Mahon  - Social Investment According to the OECD/DELSA: A Discourse in the Making

Special Section - Global Companies and Emerging Market Economies, Edited by John Mikler

John Mikler - Global Companies and Emerging Market Economies

Andrea Goldstein - The Political Economy of Global Business: the Case of the BRICs

Shiufai Wong - Varieties of the Regulatory State and Global Companies: the Case of China

Sung-Young Kim - The Rise of East Asia's Global Companies

Special Section - Globalising Justice: A Multidimensional Approach, Edited by Valentina Gentile and Marcello di Paola

Sebastiano Maffettone - Debating Global Justice: an Introduction

Marcello Di Paola and Valentina Gentile - Globalising Justice: a Multidimensional Approach. 1. Economics

Branko Milanovic - Global Income Inequality in Numbers: in History and Now

Michele Bocchiola - Milanovic on Global Inequality and Poverty

Pietro Reichlin - On Milanovic's Idea of World Inequality

Practitioner Commentaries

Rahul Bhonsle - Future Warfare: Men and Machines at War

André Schneider and Daniel Wiener - Sustainable Infrastructure Fund: Attracting Institutional Investment to Drive Sustainable Development

Dr Norbert Röttgen - ‘Walking the Walk’: a Snapshot of Germany's Energiewende


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