Vol 5, Issue 4, November 2014

The November 2014 edition of Global Policy contains two special sections on ‘The Arms Trade Treaty and Global Civil Society’ edited by Matthew Bolton, and ‘International Education - Students and Domestic Policy Challenges’ edited by Brian Stoddart and Tom Kirk. It also features research articles on human rights, reinvigorating the new wars debate and LGBT laws. The issue's practitioners' commentaries focus on rights to food, brands and their social roles, and globalization and international business.

Research Articles

Conor Gearty - The State of Human Rights

Michael Bohlander - Criminalising LGBT Persons Under National Criminal Law and Article 7(1)(h) and (3) of the ICC Statute

J. Juan Masullo and Bajo Jone Lauzurika - Bringing the ‘New Wars’ Debate Back on Track: Building on Critiques, Identifying Opportunities, and Moving Forward

Survey Article

Denise Garcia - Global Norms on Arms: The Significance of the Arms Trade Treaty for Global Security in World Politics

Special Section: The Arms Trade Treaty and Global Civil Society, edited by Matthew Bolton

Matthew Bolton, Helena Whall, Allison Pytlak, Hector Guerra and Katelyn E. James - The Arms Trade Treaty from a Global Civil Society Perspective: Introducing Global Policy's Special Section

Matthew Bolton and Katelyn E. James - Nascent Spirit of New York or Ghost of Arms Control Past?: The Normative Implications of the Arms Trade Treaty for Global Policymaking

Helena Whall and Allison Pytlak - The Role of Civil Society in the International Negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty

Matthew Bolton, Héctor Guerra, Ray Acheson and Oliver Sprague - The Road Forward for the Arms Trade Treaty: A Civil Society Practitioner Commentary

Practitioner Commentaries

Ioana Cismas - The Right to Food Beyond De-Mythification: Time to Shed the Inferiority Complex of Socio-Economic Rights

Michael Chibba - Globalization and International Business as Interdependent Phenomena

Anna Simpson - Brands Weigh Up Their Social Role

Practitioners' Special Section: International Education - Students and Domestic Policy Challenges, edited by Brian Stoddart and Tom Kirk

Brian Stoddart - International Education: The Hard Edge of Soft Power

Dean Forbes - International University Campuses and the Knowledge Economy: The University City Project in Adelaide

Simon Fraser - The Role for Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Donor Agencies in Developing Economies

Responses to Articles

Zhonglu Zeng - Capital Controls: Economic Models and Contingency Strategies

Dražen Derado - Is There an Alternative to the Present Model of Economic Governance of the Eurozone?

Review Essay

Richard Beardsworth - Whither Global Governance?

Release Date