Vol 6, Issue 1, February 2015

Vol 6, Issue 1, February 2015

The February 2015 edition of Global Policy contains, among others, research articles on gridlock and accountability within international organisations, financing for international development, and cooperative initiatives for global climate governance. It also features survey articles on responses to the rise of 'killer robots' and the wider implications of the ideology and the politics of Rafael Correa's government in Ecuador. The issue's practitioners' commentaries focus on international organisations’ responses to the 'information revolution' and creativity within the United Nations.

Research Articles

Jakob Vestergaard and Robert H. Wade - Still in the Woods: Gridlock in the IMF and the World Bank Puts Multilateralism at Risk

Robert Wolfe - An Anatomy of Accountability at the WTO

Jorge Garcia-Arias - International Financialization and the Systemic Approach to International Financing for Development

Theresa Robles - Regional and Multilateral Surveillance: Normative Tensions and Implications for Cooperation in East Asia

Oscar Widerberg and Philipp Pattberg - International Cooperative Initiatives in Global Climate Governance: Raising the Ambition Level or Delegitimizing the UNFCCC?

Survey Articles

Denise Garcia - Killer Robots: Why the US should Lead the Ban

Martin Calisto Friant and John Langmore - The Buen Vivir: A Policy to Survive the Anthropocene?

Practitioner Commentaries

David Le Blanc and Jean-Marc Coicaud - Information Revolution and International Organizations: Three Challenges for the Way Ahead

Sven Güsmann - Thinking Outside The United Nations Box: Barriers To Creativity Within The UN System

Response to Article

Xiaohe Cheng - Harmony with Diversity: Some Ignored Facts

Review Essay

Ferdinand Arslanian - The Civil War in Syria: The International Dimension

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