Vol 6, Issue 3, September 2015

Global Policy Vol 6, Issue 3, September 2015

Global Policy’s September 2015 issue contains, among others, articles on democracy and autonomous weapons, R2P as international policy, sustainable development and when foreign aid works. It also contains a special section on ‘Organizational Leadership and Collective Action in International Governance’, and another on ‘Private Investment and Public Funds for Climate Finance’ guest edited by Andreas Klasen. There are practitioners’ commentaries on whether civil society can get the commonwealth back on track and how the World Bank should rethink its measurements of poverty.

Research Articles

John Williams - Democracy and Regulating Autonomous Weapons: Biting the Bullet while Missing the Point?

Ramesh Thakur - The Development and Evolution of R2P as International Policy

Andy Sumner and Jonathan Glennie - Growth, Poverty and Development Assistance: When Does Foreign Aid Work?

Yannis Karagiannis and Nikitas Konstantinidis - On the Conditional Success of International Conditionality Policies (With Evidence from Greece and Spain During the Eurozone Crisis)

Kenneth W. Abbott and Steven Bernstein - The High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development: Orchestration by Default and Design

Special Section - Organizational Leadership and Collective Action in International Governance

Aseem Prakash, Adrienne Héritier, Barbara Koremenos and Eric Brousseau - Organizational Leadership and Collective Action in International Governance: An Introduction

Barbara Koremenos - The Role of State Leadership in the Incidence of International Governance

Adrienne Héritier and Aseem Prakash - A Resource-based View of the EU's Regional and International Leadership

Magnus G. Schoeller - Explaining Political Leadership: Germany's Role in Shaping the Fiscal Compact

Walter Mattli and Jack Seddon - New Organizational Leadership: Nonstate Actors in Global Economic Governance

Angel Saz-Carranza - Agents as Brokers: Leadership in Multilateral Organizations

Survey Articles

Robert H. Wade and Jakob Vestergaard - Why is the IMF at an Impasse, and What Can Be Done about It?

Helmut Reisen - Will the AIIB and the NDB Help Reform Multilateral Development Banking?

Practitioners' Special Section - Private Investment and Public Funds for Climate Finance

Andreas Klasen - Introduction to the Special Section: Private Investment and Public Funds for Climate Finance

Tom Kerr - Good Fiscal Policy: Governments Using Carbon Pricing to Drive Low-Carbon Investment

Karine Siegwart and Silvia Ruprecht-Martignoli - How to Mobilize Private Investment for Climate Friendly Products: The New Swiss Technology Fund

Jan Vassard, Kim Richter and Ole Lindhardt - Money Matters on Our Way to a Greener Future: Biogas Plants’ Financing with Export Credits

George Otieno - Harnessing the UN's SE4All Initiative: How ECAs and Multilateral Partners Support Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Practitioner Commentaries

CV. Nicholas Galasso - The World Bank is Getting ‘Shared Prosperity’ Wrong: The Bank Should Measure the Tails, Not the Average

Francis Baert and Timothy M. Shaw - Reform Starts Bottom-Up. Can Civil Society Get The Commonwealth Back On Track?

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