Vol 6, Issue 4, November 2015

Vol 6, Issue 4, November 2015

Global Policy’s November 2015 issue opens with an editorial overviewing the journal’s first five years and future. It then moves onto, among others, research articles on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jus ex Bello’, measures of development progress, responsibility at the UN, and the international movement of wealth. It also contains a special section on ‘Accountability in International Development Finance’, edited by Kate Macdonald and May Miller-Dawkins, and another on ‘Sustainable Business in the Stakeholder Era’, edited by Arved Lüth and Marcel Stierl. There are practitioners’ commentaries on the UN at 70, the European Court Of Human Rights, and China and India’s role in shaping responses to climate change.


David Held and Eva-Maria Nag - Frontiers Ahead

Research Articles

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis, Kevin P. Gallagher, Mah-Hui Lim and Katherine Soverel - Financial Stability and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Lessons from Chile and Malaysia

Nancy Birdsall and Christian J. Meyer - The Median is the Message: A Good Enough Measure of Material Wellbeing and Shared Development Progress

Ariel Colonomos - Is there a Future for ‘Jus ex Bello’?

Kjell Engelbrekt - Responsibility Shirking at the United Nations Security Council: Constraints, Frustrations, Remedies

Margi Prideaux - Wildlife NGOs: From Adversaries to Collaborators

Peter Sarlin and Henrik J. Nyman - The Process of Macroprudential Oversight in Europe

Robert T. Kudrle - Expatriation: A Last Refuge for the Wealthy?

Achim Hildebrandt - What Shapes Abortion Law? – A Global Perspective

Special Section - Accountability in International Development Finance, edited by Kate Macdonald and May Miller-Dawkins

Kate Macdonald and May Miller-Dawkins - Accountability in Public International Development Finance

Lídia Cabral and Iara Leite - ProSAVANA and the Expanding Scope of Accountability in Brazil's Development Cooperation

Samantha Balaton-Chrimes and Fiona Haines - The Depoliticisation of Accountability Processes for Land-Based Grievances, and the IFC CAO

Susan Park - Assessing Accountability in Practice: The Asian Development Bank's Accountability Mechanism

Survey Articles

Sander Chan et al. - Reinvigorating International Climate Policy: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Nonstate Action

Practitioners' Special Section - Sustainable Business in the Stakeholder Era, edited by Arved Lüth and Marcel Stierl

Arved Lüth - Power and Purpose: Harnessing Stakeholder Partnerships for the Great Transformation

Mervyn E. King - The Role of Integrated Thinking in Changing Corporate Behaviour

Nelmara Arbex - Empowered by Transparency: Shaping Business for the Future

Yvonne Zwick - The Sustainability Code – A New Approach Linking Economy and Society towards Sustainability

CB Bhattacharya - Stakeholder-centricity a Precondition to Managing Sustainability Successfully

Nadine-Lan Hönighaus and Thorsten Pinkepank - Stakeholder Relations Matter: You Need to Count on Them – But it's Hard to Count Them

Anne Wolf and Ronny Kaufmann - Licence to Operate – Ingredients for Successful and Sustainable Stakeholder Management

Dietlind Freiberg - If Stakeholders Ruled the World: Stakeholder Relations in the 21st Century

Emilio Galli Zugaro - When Listening Improves Corporate Success

João Duarte - ‘Communicative Equations’: Towards a More Agile PR Practice in the Network Society

Jon White - How Much Attention to Stakeholder Interests? A Practitioner's View of the Need to Take Account of Stakeholder Interests

Toni Muzi Falconi - Take Your Time…And Listen

Arved Lüth and Marcel Stierl - Creating Shared Value by Fostering Regional Development: The ‘Partners in Responsibility‘ Method for SME

Practitioner Commentaries

Madeleine K. Albright and Ibrahim A. Gambari - The UN at 70: Confronting the Crisis of Global Governance

Mukul Sanwal and Bo Wang - China and India and The New Climate Regime: The Emergence of a New Paradigm

Mohamed Mansour - Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in Egypt

Noemi Manco - The European Court Of Human Rights: A ‘Culture of Bad Faith’?

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