Vol 7, Issue 1, February 2016

Vol 7, Issue 1, February 2016

Global Policy’s February 2016 issue contains, among others, research articles on constitutionalizing austerity, thinking beyond GDP, China’s labour standards and natural disasters. It has a special section on ‘Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus’, edited by Sash Jayawardane, Jorisk Larik and Mahima Kaul. It also features a debate over current climate proposals, and practitioner commentaries on stateless persons and the EU’s arctic strategy.

Research Articles

Stephen McBride - Constitutionalizing Austerity: Taking the Public out of Public Policy

Lorenzo Fioramonti - A Post-GDP World? Rethinking International Politics in the 21st Century

Alex Cobham, Lukas Schlögl and Andy Sumner - Inequality and the Tails: the Palma Proposition and Ratio

Edward Whitfield - China and the Great Doubling: Racing to the Top or Bottom of Global Labour Standards?

Astrid T. Sinnes and Christoffer C. Eriksen - Education for Sustainable Development and International Student Assessments: Governing Education in Times of Climate Change

Ilan Noy - A Global Comprehensive Measure of the Impact of Natural Hazards and Disasters

Special Section - Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus, edited by Sash Jayawardane, Joris Larik and Mahima Kaul

Sash Jayawardane, Joris Larik and Mahima Kaul - Governing Cyberspace: Building Confidence, Capacity and Consensus

Chelsey Slack - Wired yet Disconnected: The Governance of International Cyber Relations

Mark T. Fliegauf - In Cyber (Governance) We Trust

Patryk Pawlak - Capacity Building in Cyberspace as an Instrument of Foreign Policy

Samir Saran - Striving for an International Consensus on Cyber Security: Lessons from the 20th Century

Survey Articles

Ian Hurd - Enchanted and Disenchanted International Law

Sangjung Ha, Thomas Hale and Peter Ogden - Climate Finance in and between Developing Countries: An Emerging Opportunity to Build On

Bjorn Lomborg - Impact of Current Climate Proposals

Practitioner Commentaries

Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor - The EU Needs a New Arctic Strategy

Johanna K. Schenner - Stateless Persons and the Question of Rights

Response to Article

Robert E.T. Ward - Comment on ‘Impact of Current Climate Proposals’

Review Essay

Peter Wagner - Modernity, Capitalism and Crisis: Understanding the New Great Transformation


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