Vol 7, Issue 2, May 2016

Global Policy Vol 7, Issue 2, May 2016

Global Policy’s May 2016 issue contains, among others, research articles on ethics in warzones, human security, peace agreements, military expenditure and democracy promotion in fragile states. It has a special section on ‘Law and Negotiation in Conflict: Theory, Policy and Practice’, edited by Catherine Turner. It also features survey articles on Climate Change, Migration and the Cosmopolitan Dilemma; and the WTO in Nairobi.

Research Articles

Thomas G. Weiss - Ethical Quandaries in War Zones, When Mass Atrocity Prevention Fails

Mary Kaldor - How Peace Agreements Undermine the Rule of Law in New War Settings

Rogelio Madrueño-Aguilar - Human Security and the New Global Threats: Discourse, Taxonomy and Implications

Todd Sandler and Justin George - Military Expenditure Trends for 1960–2014 and What They Reveal

Moira V. Faul - Networks and Power: Why Networks are Hierarchical Not Flat and What Can Be Done About It

Philip Andrews-Speed and Xunpeng Shi - What Role Can the G20 Play in Global Energy Governance? Implications for China's Presidency

Juliet Johnson and Seçkin Köstem - Frustrated Leadership: Russia's Economic Alternative to the West

Nelli Babayan - A Global Trend EU-style: Democracy Promotion in ‘Fragile’ and Conflict-Affected South Caucasus

Vincenzo Bavoso - Financial Innovation, Derivatives and the UK and US Interest Rate Swap Scandals: Drawing New Boundaries for the Regulation of Financial Innovation

Survey Articles

David Held - Climate Change, Migration and the Cosmopolitan Dilemma

Rorden Wilkinson, Erin Hannah and James Scott - The WTO in Nairobi: The Demise of the Doha Development Agenda and the Future of the Multilateral Trading System

Special Section Articles

Catherine Turner - Editorial Comment: Law and Negotiation in Conflict: Theory, Policy and Practice

Martin Wählisch - Normative Limits of Peace Negotiations: Questions, Guidance and Prospects

Rashida Manjoo - Women, Peace and Security – Negotiating in Women's Best Interests

Aoife O'Donoghue - How Does International Law Condition Responses to Conflict and Negotiation?

Christopher K. Lamont and Hannah Pannwitz - Transitional Justice as Elite Justice? Compromise Justice and Transition in Tunisia

Aisling Swaine - Law and Negotiation: A Role for a Transformative Approach?

Practitioner Commentaries

Shintaro Hamanaka - Insights to Great Powers' Desire to Establish Institutions: Comparison of ADB, AMF, AMRO and AIIB

Jindra Cekan - How to Foster Sustainability

Jean-Marc Coicaud - Administering and Governing with Technology: The Question of Information Communication Technology and E-Governance


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