Vol 7, Issue 4, November 2016

Vol 7, Issue 4, November 2016

Global Policy’s November 2016 issue contains, among others, research articles on the Third Wave of the Digital Revolution, the Green Economy, the BRICS, Asian Infrastructure Investment Banks, and China's place in global governance. It has a special section entitled ‘The Global Diffusion of Policies, Practices and Values: Democracies and Autocracies Compared’, edited by Aurel Croissant and Jale Tosun. It also features survey articles on investment treaties and sovereign wealth funds, and a review essay on neoliberalism and social movements.

Research Articles

Robert H Wade - Industrial Policy in Response to the Middle-income Trap and the Third Wave of the Digital Revolution

Kyla Tienhaara - Governing the Global Green Economy

Mark Beeson and Fujian Li - China's Place in Regional and Global Governance: A New World Comes Into View

Eduardo J. Gómez - Confronting Health Inequalities in the BRICS: Political Institutions, Foreign Policy Aspirations and State-civil Societal Relationships

Sasidaran Gopalan and Ramkishen S. Rajan - Revisiting Bilateral Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into BRIC Economies

Anton Malkin and Bessma Momani - An Effective Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A Bottom Up Approach

Special Section - The Global Diffusion of Policies, Practices and Values: Democracies and Autocracies Compared

Aurel Croissant and Jale Tosun - Introduction: Bringing Regime Types into Diffusion Studies

Jale Tosun and Aurel Croissant - Policy Diffusion: A Regime-sensitive Conceptual Framework

Thomas Richter and Stefan Wurster - Policy Diffusion among Democracies and Autocracies: A Comparison of Trade Reforms and Nuclear Energy Policy

Marianne Kneuer and Sebastian Harnisch - Diffusion of e-government and e-participation in Democracies and Autocracies

Kurt Weyland - Patterns of Diffusion: Comparing Democratic and Autocratic Waves

Franziska Deutsch and Christian Welzel - The Diffusion of Values among Democracies and Autocracies

Survey Article

Clint Peinhardt and Rachel L. Wellhausen - Withdrawing from Investment Treaties but Protecting Investment

Warren Clarke - Sovereign Patent Funds: Sovereign Wealth Funds 2.0?

Review Essay

Brecht De Smet - Neoliberalism and The Future of Social Movements (Studies)

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