Vol 8, Issue 1, February 2017

Global Policy Vol 8, Issue 1, February 2017

Global Policy’s February 2017 issue contains, among others, research articles on the emergence of powerful non-political global leaders, the wisdom of addressing climate change through unilateralism, civil society consultations for sustainable development, and collective security between Russia and the West. It has a special section on 'Regional Challenges to Global Governance', co-produced with the CFR and edited by Miles Kahler. It also features a survey article that critically reviews DFID's Needs-Effectiveness Index for aid disbursements.

Research Articles

Lena Partzsch - Powerful Individuals in a Globalized World

Michele Acuto, Mika Morissette and Agis Tsouros - City Diplomacy: Towards More Strategic Networking? Learning with WHO Healthy Cities

Markus Fraundorfer - The Role of Cities in Shaping Transnational Law in Climate Governance

Peter Drahos and Christian Downie - Regulatory Unilateralism: Arguments for Going It Alone on Climate Change

Michael Hübler - The Future of Foreign Aid in a Globalizing World with Climate Change

Erin R. Graham - The Promise and Pitfalls of Assembled Institutions: Lessons from the Global Environment Facility and UNAIDS

Carole-Anne Sénit, Frank Biermann and Agni Kalfagianni - The Representativeness of Global Deliberation: A Critical Assessment of Civil Society Consultations for Sustainable Development

William R. Moomaw, Rishikesh Ram Bhandary, Laura Kuhl and Patrick Verkooijen - Sustainable Development Diplomacy: Diagnostics for the Negotiation and Implementation of Sustainable Development

Tom Sauer - The Origins of the Ukraine Crisis and the Need for Collective Security between Russia and the West

Survey Article

Michael Tribe - Quantifying Aid Allocation: A Critical Review of the DFID Needs-Effectiveness Index

Special Section - Co-published by Global Policy and the Council on Foreign Relations

'Regional Challenges to Global Governance', edited by Miles Kahler

Miles Kahler - Regional Challenges to Global Governance

C. Randall Henning - Avoiding Fragmentation of Global Financial Governance

Chad P. Bown - Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and the Future of the WTO

Hongying Wang - New Multilateral Development Banks: Opportunities and Challenges for Global Governance

Erik Voeten - Competition and Complementarity between Global and Regional Human Rights Institutions

Paul D. Williams - Global and Regional Peacekeepers: Trends, Opportunities, Risks and a Way Ahead

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