Vol 8, Issue 2, May 2017

Vol 8, Issue 2, May 2017

Global Policy’s May 2017 issue contains, among others, research articles on openness in AI development, tax and multinational companies, the global economy gone mad, and planning in intergovernmental organizations. It has a special section on ‘Sustainability in Oceans Governance: The High Stakes of Blue Growth’, edited by Joris Larik and Abhijit Singh. It also features a survey article on the European Union's trade deal with Canada and a practitioner's commentary on United Nation’s next Secretary-General.

Research Articles

Nick Bostrom - Strategic Implications of Openness in AI Development

Matthew David and Debora J. Halbert - Intellectual Property & Global Policy

Or Raviv - Europe's Mea Culpa: A Global Economy Gone Mad or a Crisis of Our Own Making?

Andreas Antoniades - The New Resilience of Emerging and Developing Countries: Systemic Interlocking, Currency Swaps and Geoeconomics

Ainsley Elbra and John Mikler - Paying a ‘Fair Share’: Multinational Corporations’ Perspectives on Taxation

Ali Murat Kurşun and Emel Parlar Dal - An Analysis of Turkey's and BRICS’ Voting Cohesion in the UN General Assembly during 2002–2014

Ryan Federo and Angel Saz-Carranza - Devising Strategic Plans to improve Organizational Performance of Intergovernmental Organizations

Special Section - Sustainability in Oceans Governance: The High Stakes of Blue Growth, edited by Joris Larik and Abhijit Singh

Joris Larik and Abhijit Singh -Sustainability in Oceans Governance: Small Islands, Emerging Powers, and Connecting Region

Hongzhou Zhang and Fengshi Wu - China’s Marine Fishery and Global Ocean Governance

Claire van der Geest - Redesigning Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance for 21st Century Sustainability

James A Malcolm - ‘Sustainability as Maritime Security: A Small Island Developing State Perspective?’

Survey Article

Todd Allee, Manfred Elsig and Andrew Lugg - Is the European Union Trade Deal with Canada New or Recycled? A Text-as-data Approach

Responses to Articles

Florence L. P. Damiens, Laura Mumaw, Anna Backstrom, Sarah A. Bekessy, Brian Coffey, Richard Faulkner, Georgia E. Garrard, Mathew J. Hardy, Alexander M. Kusmanoff, Luis Mata, Lauren Rickards, Matthew J. Selinske, Nooshin Torabi and Ascelin Gordon - Why Politics and Context Matter in Conservation Policy

Peter Kareiva and Emma Fuller - The Long and Short of Environmental Solutions

Practitioner Commentaries

Kemal Veli Açar - Organizational Aspect of the Global Fight against Online Child Sexual Abuse

Richard Ponzio and Michael Schroeder - A Fool’s Errand? The Next Secretary-General and United Nations Reform

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