Vol 9, Issue 1, February 2018

Vol 9, Issue 1, February 2018

The February 2018 issue of Global Policy has two special sections: one on 'Migration Governance' edited by Niranjan Sahoo and Joris Larik; and another on the 'Third Generation of Global Governance Scholarship' edited by Tom Pegram and David Coen. It also includes research articles on within country inequalities, budget transparency for international organisations, and climate change and migration. There are practitioner commentaries on Afghanistan, Iran's nuclear deal and its economy. There is also a review essay on the international trading system.

Research Articles

Lucas Chancel, Alex Hough and Tancrède Voituriez - Reducing Inequalities within Countries: Assessing the Potential of the Sustainable Development Goals

Markus Fraundorfer - The Rediscovery of Indigenous Thought in the Modern Legal System: The Case of the Great Apes

Kim Moloney and Rayna Stoycheva - Partial Two-Way Mirror: International Organization Budget Transparency

Tristan Kenderdine and Han Ling - International Capacity Cooperation—Financing China's Export of Industrial Overcapacity

Sarah L. Nash - From Cancun to Paris: An Era of Policy Making on Climate Change and Migration

Special Section I

Migration Governance: Regional Solutions to a Global Challenge, Edited by Niranjan Sahoo and Joris Larik

Joris Larik and Niranjan Sahoo - Regional Contributions to Global Migration Governance: Introduction

Paul James Cardwell - Tackling Europe's Migration ‘Crisis’ through Law and ‘New Governance’

Zahid Shahab Ahmed - The Role of SAARC and EU in Managing Refugees in South Asia and Beyond: Potential for North-South Cooperation

Marcia Vera Espinoza - The Limits and Opportunities of Regional Solidarity: Exploring Refugee Resettlement in Brazil and Chile

Survey Articles

Yulia Krylova - Outsourcing the Fight against Corruption: Lessons from the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala

Bryan Maher - Why Policymakers Should View Carbon Capture and Storage as a Stepping-stone to Carbon Dioxide Removal

Special Section II

Towards a Third Generation of Global Governance Scholarship, Edited by Tom Pegram and David Coen

David Coen and Tom Pegram - Towards a Third Generation of Global Governance Scholarship

Virginia Haufler - Producing Global Governance in the Global Factory: Markets, Politics, and Regulation

Axel Marx and Jan Wouters - Explaining New Models of Global Voluntary Regulation: What Can Organisational Studies Contribute?

Thomas Hale and David Held - Breaking the Cycle of Gridlock

Michael Zürn - Contested Global Governance

Practitioner Commentaries

Kalam Shahed - Afghanistan: In Search for an Alternative Route to Stability

Cornelius Adebahr - The Nuclear Deal Turns Two: Barely Alive or Already Dead?

Cyrus Mehdi-Zadeh - Iranian Economy Post-JCPOA and its Ambitions

Review Essay

Nicolás Albertoni - The New Dynamics of the International Trading System

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