Aligned but Autonomous: India-US Relations in the Modi Era

Aligned but Autonomous: India-US Relations in the Modi Era

This volume examines the trends in India-US ties under the Modi government over the last decade. As the various contributions illustrate, the past decade has seen a fundamental transformation in a relationship which, for all the opportunities, was seen as one that is never really able to achieve its full potential. Today, the US needs a democratic, economically buoyant India to craft a stable regional order in the Indo-Pacific. And India, too, requires a solid partnership with the US if it is to fulfil its massive domestic development needs and manage its external challenges effectively. Modi's singular contribution lies in recognising this fundamental reality and working toward operationalising it over the past decade.

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1. Introduction: Modi Heralds a New Era in India-US Partnership - Harsh V. Pant and Vivek Lall

2. India and the US: The Diaspora, Democracy, and Diplomacy Trifecta - Dhruva Jaishankar

3. Modi and Obama: Leading a ‘Defining Partnership’ - Arun Kumar

4. The Trump Era in US-India Relations: Predictable Unpredictability - S. Paul Kapur

5. Modi and Biden: Between Continuity and Fresh Assertions - Sameer Patil and Vivek Mishra

6. India-US Technology Ties: Charting an Ambitious Course for the Future - Trisha Ray

7. Advancing Defence Ties: Matching Expectations - Vikram J. Singh

8. India-US Ties in the Indo-Pacific: Alignment, Convergence, and Parallels - Satu Limaye and Lei Nishiuwatoko

9. Institutionalising Bilateral Ties: Deepening Trust between Democracies - Ian Hall

10. US-India Cooperation Against Terrorism: Redefining Convergence Amidst Challenges - Max Abrahms and Soumya Awasthi

11. India-US Economic Relations: Resurgence Through Trade and Trust - Atul Keshap