Bridging the Ingenuity Gap: Ideas for a Vibrant G20

Bridging the Ingenuity Gap: Ideas for a Vibrant G20

The Think20 (T20) is the G20’s Engagement Group for think tanks. It is, in effect, the leaders’ ‘ideas bank’. The Observer Research Foundation served as the official T20 Secretariat during India’s presidency. It facilitated the exchange of perspectives among high-level experts, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners; produced policy briefs and other knowledge products relevant to the G20; and oversaw the organisation of side events to enable further discussions around the G20’s priority themes. Taken together, the T20’s activities lent analytical depth and rigour to the G20’s deliberations.

This compendium is a collection of 27 T20 policy briefs and a special contribution, chosen from over 320 such briefs published during India’s tenure in 2023. Authored by thought leaders and subject experts collaborating across different institutions, geographies, and disciplines, they cover all seven of the T20’s thematic areas. They also represent some of the finest ideation and writing worldwide. Collectively, they make for an extraordinarily rich corpus of policy ideas and solutions for the problems of global governance. Many of them have fed into the deliberations of various working groups and ministerial meetings, and supported the G20’s efforts to deliver effective interventions.

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Editors’ Note


TF-1: Macroeconomics, Trade, and Livelihoods: Policy Coherence and International Coordination


1. Mobilising Tax Revenue for Sustainable Development in Asia - Yuho Myoda and colleagues

2. How Do Trade and Investment Contribute to Peace and Stability? What Should Policymakers Do? - Matthew Stephenson, Jonathan Douw, and Peter Draper

3. Increasing G20 Cooperation on Debt and Investment in Africa - Miguel Otero Iglesias, Beatrice Grace Aluoch Obado, and Agustín González-Agote


TF-2: Our Common Digital Future: Affordable, Accessible and Inclusive Digital Public Infrastructure


4. Using Data to Advance the 2030 Agenda: Recommendations for the G20 - Anirban Sarma and Debosmita Sarkar

5. Service-Society Fit: A Governmental Framework for Designing Public Interest Technology - Arasy Pradana

6. Building an Information-Sharing Mechanism to Boost Regulatory Frameworks on Cross-Border Data Flows - Pramila Crivelli, Rolando Avendano, and Jong Woo Kang

7. The Vision of a Digital Public Infrastructure for Agriculture - Ram Dhulipala, Nipun Mehrotra, and Ajit Kanitkar


TF-3: LiFE, Resilience, and Values for Wellbeing


8. Towards a Gender-Inclusive GDP - Devkanya Chakravarty and Manoranjan Pattanayak

9. Diversity in Agriculture and Consumption: The Basis for Healthy and Sustainable Eating - Ricardo Abramovay and colleagues

10. An Ethical Framework for Measuring Prosperity - Colin Mayer and Dennis J. Snower

11. Channelling Disaster Finance Resources in Small Islands in G20 Countries - Hafida Fahmiasari, Danang Parikesit and Fauziah Zen

TF-4: Refuelling Growth: Clean Energy and Green Transitions


12. The Myth of Mobilising Private Finance for Climate Action and Pivoting to Scale - Manon Fortemps and colleagues

13. Accelerating Just Energy Transition Through Enhanced and Integrated Critical Minerals Supply Chains - Dongmei Chen and colleagues

14. Creating a Climate-Friendly Investment Climate - Matthew Stephenson and Samir Saran


TF-5: Purpose & Performance: Reassessing the Global Financial Order


15. The Green Development and Investment Accelerator: Promoting Large-Scale Private Sector Global Climate Investment Flows - Uday Khemka, Aaran Patel and Katherine Stodulka

16. Reshaping the Long-Term Development Investment Framework for LMICs - Alin Halimatussadiah and colleagues

17. Financing Africa’s Resilient Climate Infrastructure - Gracelin Baskaran and colleagues


TF-6: Accelerating SDGs: Exploring New Pathways to the 2030 Agenda


18. Evidence and Lessons from Brazil's Food Procurement Programme - Gabriela Perin and Fabio Veras Soares

19. A Digitalisation Roadmap for Climate-Smart Agriculture in India - Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Vishal K Mehta and R Gowrish

20. Preparing for the Next Crisis: The G20 and the Pandemic Treaty - Viola Savy Dsouza and colleagues

21. Bridging the Gender Pay Gap - Sumita Ketkar, Roma Puri and Sahana Roy Chowdhury

22. Bridging the SDGs Financing Gap: A 10-Point Action Agenda for the G20 - Soumya Bhowmick and Nilanjan Ghosh

23. A Framework for Quantifying Climate Co-Benefits of Development Programmes - Tashina Madappa Cheranda, Kanchan Kargwal and Sahil Mathew

24. Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing: A Critical Agenda for the G20 - Flavia Bustreo and colleagues


TF-7: Towards Reformed Multilateralism: Transforming Global Institutions and Frameworks


25. Empowering Subnational Approaches through Multilateralism to Combat Climate Change - Amlan Mishra, Soham Banerjee and Shubhi Goel

26. A Framework for a Reformed WTO Appellate Body - Purvaja Modak and Rachel Thrasher

27. Benefits and Challenges of Expanding the G7 Climate Club to a G20 Climate Club - Charlotte Unger and Sonja Thielges

28. Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks: Towards a Triple Agenda - NK Singh