A Decade of BRICS: Indian Perspectives for the Future

A Decade of BRICS: Indian Perspectives for the Future

As the BRICS grouping nears a decade of existence, this GP-ORF volume edited by Samir Saran offers commentary from pre-eminent scholars and emerging next-generation researchers on measures that can separate and insulate the group from the vagaries of international discord. It provides area-specific insights and recommendations to promote a greater focus on key issues important to each BRICS nation and the continued institutionalisation of the grouping. The chapters cover the following themes: governance, development, energy, health, gender, security, smart cities, and the cyber sphere.

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Editor’s Note | Samir Saran

BRIC’s Role in Global Governance Processes | H.H.S. Viswanathan and Shubh Soni

The Case for the New Development Bank Institute | Samir Saran and Aparajit Pandey

Rebuilding BRICS through Energy | Aparajit Pandey

Scripting a New Development Paradigm: India and the BRICS Partnership | Pulin B. Nayak

BRICS & SDGs: Prospects of Minilateral Action on a Multilateral Agenda? | Vikrom Mathur

Common Health Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation in BRICS | T.C. James

BRICS Vision for Smart Cities | Rumi Aijaz

Gendering the BRICS Agenda | Urvashi Aneja and Vidisha Mishra

The BRICS Security Agenda: Challenges Galore | Harsh V. Pant

China’s Cyber Sovereignty Vision: Can BRICS Concur? | Madhulika Srikumar